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Cover Story:

Trillions of Sensors on the Earth by 2020


  • Sensor & MEMS Market “Who is making What”
  • Two Top Market Segments
  • Low-cost IoT-focused devices “Tiny but includes high accuracy types”
  • Industrial sensing “Mainly Ruggedized Modules”
  • What are Sensors & MEMS sensing?
  • Markets and Applications
  • Arenas with Significant New Sensor innovation Opportunities
  • Products, Technology and Vendor Evolution
  • Where are the missing 41 billion IoT devices of 2019 Forecast?
  • Tables: 35 Vendors by Application with direct links
  • Research Institutes & Universities mentioned in this article
  • Tribute to FAIRCHILD Semiconductor & Dr. Janusz Bryzek
  • Conclusion
  • Small-size and Highly Accurate Sensors from Texas Instruments
  • Comparing Sensors & MEMS
  • Future Impacts of New Sensor Technologies
  • Sensing Tiny Things
  • Demographic: type of sensors by physical measurement
  • Trillions of Sensors Will Integrate and Inform Future Smart Systems
  • Arenas With Significant New Sensor innovation Opportunities
  • New Sensor Integration Enables New Value Creation Through Complex Interactions
  • Competing Suppliers Target Segments With an Array of Sensor Types
  • Five Defining Moments and Trends in Sensors in 2019
  • AMS acquires 59% of Osram shares
  • Neuromorphic sensing: A brainy direction
  • Ex-InvenSense execs form UltraSense
  • The influence of the piezo effect
  • At the edge


Sensor & MEMS Vendors in this Edition

ACEINNA, Allegro, AMS, Analog Devices, Avago, Bosch, Broadcom, Canon, Emerson, Epson, eXo Imaging, Fairchild, GE, Honeywell, HP, iniLabs, iniVation, Intel, InvenSense, Libelium, Maxim, MediaTek, Microchip, Monnit, Murata, NXP, ON Semi, Osram, Panasonic, Prophesee, Qualcomm, Renesas, Seiko Epson, STMicroelectronics, TDK Epcos, TE connectivity, Texas Instruments, thinfilm, Toshiba, UltraSense, Vayyar, Vesper, XSENSE

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